Matrix, Prague


Night bizare festival
The band No Name Desire was coming into being during the year 1998. Current crew was complemented in 2001.
All the members of the band take part in composing the music. The concert setup is VeNa - keyboards, Neural I - drum pads and Were - vocal. Old school EBM appearence as well as back screen projection corresponding to their music characterize their shows. As for the sound, the band draws on old school EBM especially in the fast and marked rhythms, compact bass line and distorted vocal that NND enriches with elaborate melodic elements. The aim is not the simple machine-like rhythms characteristic for the beginnings of electronic music, but rather emotional dance tracks reflecting the feelings and mood of people on the brink of the age of cybernetics.
Lyrics are clearly derived from the cyberpunk literature heritage that has by now become diffused in commercial movies and post-cyberpunk literature, but in the works of EBM bands it survived in its true form, describing the dark vision of a technocratic society governed by multinational corporations and agonized by never-ending internal conflicts.
Radiation polluted deserts, cracked walls, desintegrating iron beams as well as shoreless wastelands of the human soul - first album "Wastelands" that have been released in september 2004 by monopolrecords , contains all of this. Now we are working on the second one, promo containing 5 songs will be released very soon...