Matrix, Prague


Night bizare festival
dangerous species lyrics
Nuclear War, hardest Last Strike
Sons of chainreaction, chance to survive
This is the war for the survive
God of the pain is still alive

Armageddon angels, high above the ground
scanning for their pray, crawling all around
searching, seeking
death and despair
searching targets, blood and pain

Atomic blast caught in the split of second
walls overpainted by the crime, crackled by stain
we loosers
drivers with the empty eyes

No way
No choice
No pain
No voice

This is the war, Final War
Rest of the life, consumed by fire
Ressist this eyes in the world of pain
Wired to R-control,
Nuclear rain
Ashes rotten decayed
you so closing to the sun
theres no living mercy
there corpses have the fun

No meaning measure torture
surgeons table bloody
state of art means loving
darkness flooding serious

Measured madness, tortures dreaming
sliding morale, hell is closing

Ash in toyland, towns are fired
there is no dream, babes got wired

Animal lusts rise, I don't know why
becoming suspicious, got no power to survive
Working like madman
Working to the night

You have been working so hard
With maniac face salted by sweat
And blood shall wipe all tears
And there shall be no death

No more night and no more day
For the former things are past away...
Now I have it in my head
twisted and very hot
piece of my broken mind
something is getting rot

Must it be the future shock
just to stop grew older
never wanted to have sex
to become dead soldier

Under angry killing moon
there is no place i can hide
one way is the hell on earth
other leading deep inside

living in the fucking state
dying by the rage and hate
steel and stone
skin and bone
living in - military zone
(Alien IV)
As a black rain veils the smoky sky
I have to break out - out of this existence

This is the pain, beiing inside my chest
this is the pain, born for the ressurect

Blood and gore in land of mine
where corridors lead to painful death
where silence lays on during nighttime
with shotgun ready you hold your breath

Somewhere in the holes of space
where stars collide to be reborn
all what dwelling in this darkness
is hull of your ship burned and torn

As a black rain veils the smoky sky
I have to break so high - or I have to die

Somewhere ... somewhere...
somewhere in this place of death
where rise the human race
lives are slightly wasted
medals dedicated
the space is dangerous place
shipwreck is your case

'Cause he was so dangerous
No man withstand face to face
Acid blood and tears in eyes
He comes to crush the human race
Blood and steel and something else
born from a works of modern world
nightmare reflected in shotgun barrel
all the sentences stays untold

Later two tears wets the pavement
from face of machine wearing human skin
as a gift cyborg laid on her a rose
to only beauty he had ever seen

Last in line - he close her eyes
as a colds night veiles the city
shattered dreams
covered by darkness
delivered by hand that knows no pity

Where did you come from, where do you go
what did you wanted, where do you grow
whom you desired, who was your love
now you are dead, and that is enough

And my name is Blood
I'am leaking from your tortured body
substance of the Earth is mattering
blobs of rotten heaven
cankering my hand
incadescent burners-lined parkplace
sepsis of the land
Walls are white, room is dark
flame of life, tiny like spark

Sister killer cell
when moon is shining high
I don't want you watch my body
take a look at sky

Living is so quiet
behind this septic walls
just the moon is rising
as the darkness falls

Doctors with no faces
doors of body open wide
green lines on the monitors
reaperman stands tall aside

Bleeding, bleeding, bleeding
Bleeding spirits, bleeding

Corridors of no tomorrow

Chambers of death
Patients lay unconscious
Vasted seconds, chanceless
We exclamate...
Anticorrosion overpainted warhead
shield surrounded airfield
no trespaser
public related

Down, lost and full of greed
tortured any more

Animal corpses twisted laying, desecreating mother Earth
crash course power, red dots glowing
first light signs the war

Engines burning, warheads aiming
information owerflow
where are places, without conflicts
where the trees can safely grow

Now I know...

We are listening same voice of nature
We want same mode of existence

They show me the power
First signs of war
Dangerous - go bleed go kill
They show me the power
They show me the love
They hate disorder

Underneath of concrete heaven sleepeng beasts of Apocalypse
seconds dripping
mankind sleeping
hungry beasts of prophet's visions...
Animal sorrow, painfull live, chanceless...
Animal survival, struggle for revive hopeless past
overgrown by future veiled by the dark

I'am standing in the middle of the road
with a dead bird
lying in between my feet

Multilated body, look into it's eyes
wide empty plain, that's all you will see
multilated body, look into it's eyes
how the end is close to us
you realize

Rotten feather
Rotten beast
Melting in the tar and sun
Freezing after deadly run

Future connections wasted laid
Corroded structures, textures got no order
Starless heaven courses changing
Chanceless bleeding gain no control
gain no control

Multilated, multiplicated,
Murdered and misguied...

Bloodworks in the Isle of the death
rotten feather poison meltdown
black sun glow by nestlings burning
burial rhymes crow - black bird funeral

Rotten, wasted, got no future, hopeless, survive
give me one more, chance to live
daughters of me, part of my flesh,
will survive...

Crucial moment see, now in history
crucial vision now - no courtesy

Daughters of me, part of my flesh,
weak and starving, crawling
will survive!
I've met american way of life
low price of style, it's nice
I close my eyes
I see the darkness
golden bricks are falling down
It's the only gold I now
oh Gold, I love you so
low price, I'ts nice
I've met the american way of life

I've met the american way of life
low price of style, it's nice
I've opend my eyes
I saw someone
my head was raved in his shine
it was god of gold
oh god I love you so
low price, it's nice
I've met the american way of life

I've met the american way of life
low price of style, it's nice
I killed my dreams
about beauty
their blood was heave all around
now to you my god
I'll give you all my blood
low price, it's nice
I've met american life

Prying for the god of bussiness
living in the silver land
dying for the golden rain
that is America
Non believers will be punished eternal fire awaits doom
reborn nightmare glittering guts your ceased fire polar blind
plazmous overheated sand stepping rocks no global conflicts
bodies running night burners contract indicated bloadbath
Raindrops poured cleansing fire murky steams below
monstrous creatures held up clawish rumor scriptures mud dizaster
warn you not to follow path of encrusted postbone servant yeld the pasttime
Postbone death of mortal greyhound undone luminous cavity
melted commonhaus glittering respawn
servant egoist perimeter killer hardborne unity
All lyrics written by No Name Desire