Matrix, Prague


Night bizare festival
wastelands lyrics
Your face
Gets tinier every day
You feel your heart
Slamming against your ribs
Just pretend
Touch of your lips
There is no imagination
Just desperation
Funny sterilization
This is normal
No way out

You can see you - with your look
I can read you - like a book
And the days go day by day
Your body slowly fade away
You can't hide
No way out

Try to see what's going wrong
Life is short as to die unborn
Love is just a body action
The fix is like a blooming rose
But every beauty has its thorns
All the time cute overdose
Every time - the weight of life, all the way, is hard to drag, day by day
Nights are cold, they call you bitch, love was sold to someone rich

Childhood end - bleeding doll, no credit card, nightfall veils the scars in heart
Tears in eye, the marks of rage, this is end of childhood age

Acid as the rain, is shadow in your soul, poison in your vein filling the dark hole
This is just a day lacking all the light, the last spark of hope, was blown out tonight

You were born innocent, young and wild, young and innocent, your parents get married and got a child
Now you will know, this is the pain, look at the world, world full of hate
Never forget - enjoy the sunrise, get out of the dark and open up your eyes
Never regret - days ever lost, open your eyes wipe out all the dust...
Never is too late to cut out mark of hate, to open up your eyes...
Your blind eyes...
Crucified man - hanging on the hill
Sacrificed - for eternal peace
He saw bodys....
lost in sand
Rivers without water in the desert land
Dying world that he cannot cure
It's too much to bear for the eyes so pure

Crucified man - leaving his hill
Cannot fight the death
Cannot pay the bill
But his empty eyes
Have seen too much death
Oceans without water, rivers filled with blood
Man who got a dream
of eternal peace
Have seen technology that we release

And the world will by crying,
Remains of culture, bones in the sand
Nuclear sun will dry up your skin
Heat of the war will burn up the land
Nothing but sand and no one but him
Nowhere in Earth will be the water
Because we hungry and lacking the fear
This man must leave face without a tear
In your eyes I saw the world
without all this g-nome trash
Pale hands of the glass-grown bodies
Thousands of the re-built cells

Re-build cells that will breed themselves
Like a rats in empty house

I can't stop all this pain
Breeding of the human trash
nanocontrol of the children
unborn sleeping in the glass

This is science, that I hate
g-nome control, multilations - we aren't gods to re-create

You're so cold, your lifetime is over
v I see the light coming through your gloomy eyes

You will bleed in my hands
I will pray for your life
the angel of mine

Signs of death on mortal highway
Discarded bodies bleed on me
We create new flesh and blood
Forge the chains of destiny
You left this world and I paid the fee
I must stay here and you cross the sea
Worms eat your flesh and desecrate your eyes
Sun is always black - every time you die

When disease eats your flesh
Things you loved are nothing but trash
Please tell me all you know about such suffering
Is there any other shore your dying soul to bring

We asked for love, not for an iron cage
Plastic emotions and seeds of plastic age
The flesh I felt - it also wasn't real
and you taste the pain - pain that now I feel

In my dreams - I saw you every night
Touched another shore - distant silver lines
Whisper the words that soothe my grief
How to stay pure in this world of thieves

And she left me here to cry
Better close my heart against the pain
And to leave - my soul is desert dry
Suffer but still wait for the bliss of rain

Suffer but still wait for another day

She is so far away and there's no other the same
Memories I have will never fade away
Remember those days and the shine of you
Every night is long and I hate another day
I saw land but it was burning
Trails of smoke, swirling in the sky
I cross the ocean - always the same
Land of despair, of ash and bones
You, who live in the sky
I'am afraid we die
We forget your name

I saw bodies, their melted flesh
evaporates like tears in the sand
this will be lifeless, gray and dead land

Land where Sun has dissapeared, never blessed by the human tear
Earth will take its final turn, all that lives will scream and burn

Scream and burn....

We scorch the sky - and sun, sending through the holes the poison radiation
Debris of the moon, casting shadows,
And between them, the new hope
Hungry for life, in this globe
Searching for the place - to live it's life
Under black, scorched sky!

We scorched the sky, we melted the sand
We scorched the sky, we poisoned land

In the desert, now we live...
Slowly it falls through the sky
Cutting night in two parts
We are the sinners we lost the faith
Temples and altars desecrate
But we have done what we must
Symbols of past fall to dust

Wasted - days of pleasure
Staring from the past
Shadows of the innocents
Dig the hole in your chest

Take a look into the world
You have always known
It's the last sight of what soon
Falls to a pit of emptiness
Of what soon?
Once for ever will be gone

We are the men, we have to fight
Across the dark we bring the light
We bring the fire that melts the ice
World is awfull but may be nice
Frozen birds will sing again
We bring the hope that kills the pain
The ones who thought to walk in light
Will freeze to death in endless night

Tears will fall to frozen ground
They make a clear and crystal sound
Ringing through the icy night
Wait for light that will come
Look for shelter against the snow
In your veins the fluid will flow
But neither Devil, nor God
melts the lakes of frozen blood
(Blood of Elise)
Little ape will die today, cause human goes the bloody way

Take the shell and load the gun,
kill his mother, sell the son

When you think you earn the money than you are so wrong
without mother they will die - they cannot last too long

We kept him for science research
young and strong and full of joy
he dreamed about life in forest
trees and leaves that we destroy

We test poison on his dark skin
let him puke out pesticides
iron cage holds little body
makes no sound - its time to die

Ruthless, monstrous, without mercy,
we stand before raped land
rhesus factor, negative,
their bodies left to dry in sand

Before mankind destroy nature, flash will split the sky
human race will disappear and no more apes will die..

Take the bullet, load the gun, take your aim right into the sun,
the nests so high with orphaned youngsters, kill them slowly - one by one...
kill them slowly - one by one...

All lyrics written by No Name Desire
Except "Cute Overdose" written by Were and Viper

and many thanks to Dolldelerium